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XML3K is a loose collective of open-source projects focused on Python, XML, and RESTful design. For more on this Wiki see Organization.


Akara is a set of components for providing XML and general data transformation and processing to those developing services over a network protocol, particularly the Web. In effect it's a data transformation engine for the Web.



Amara is a Python library for XML and general data processing and transformation. It will also include RDF processing facilities.

Bright Content

BrightContent is a lightweight, RESTful CMS written in Python from reusable components. It's most common use is as a Weblog engine. Lightweight means it works on a simple model. RESTful means it is designed with well-known principles of well-behaved Web applications. Bright_Content wiki front page

Bright Content


AmpLee is a Python implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP)


Apaga is a parser generator, the successor to BisonGen, which served 4Suite very well for many years.


FuXi (pronounced foo-shee) is a forward-chaining production system for Notation 3 Description Logic Programming. It is implemented as a companion to RDFLib – which it requires for its various RDF processing.


Triclops, a FuXi module, is a Feature-rich WSGI-based SPARQL Service for RDFLib. Triclops is meant to facilitate use and maintenance of network-mounted RDF datasets by both humans and Semantic Web agents. Use by humans is facilitated through support of common RDF query patterns such as identifying all classes in a triple store, browsing the class extension, and general triple browsing.

Triclops is a rich, WSGI-based SPARQL service with the following features:


Versa is an RDF query language.



Jacquard is a software development methodology specialized for Web projects, and especially suited for such development among diverse teams.

Legacy projects

Note: In practice Akara 2.x this will build on the former 4Suite repository set-up, working this into a set of WSGI libraries for XML/RDF processing.

Amara 1.x

Amara XML toolkit is a collection of Python tools for XML processing. Not just tools that happen to be written in Python, but tools built from the ground up to use Python idioms and take advantage of the many advantages of Python over other programming languages. Amara1 wiki front page.

Note: Amara 2.0 is a broader library that includes a merge-in of 4Suite XML functionality.


4Suite is the most mature of these, a set of libraries for XML processing in Python. 4Suite wiki front page. It will be migrating into the Amara project.


Note: Amara RDF 2.0 be a significant enhancement of 4RDF.


WSGI.xml contains some WSGI components of particular interest to those using XML in their Web applications in some way. It will be rolled into Akara 2.0.


Will be merging into Akara 2.0.

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