Uche Ogbuji gave an interesting Akara talk at Balisage: http://www.balisage.net/2009/Program.html#TuesdayLeft400pm

The presentation is here: http://gonzaga.akara.info/~uogbuji/etc/balisage09/akara-balisage09.pdf

The running sample code from the slides is here: http://bitbucket.org/uche/scatter-share/src/tip/balisage09/

Uche wrote up a little demo that uses 25 lines of amara to scrape the Balisage HTML schedule page and generate tweet summaries, including using a URL: shortening service : http://bitbucket.org/uche/scatter-share/src/tip/balisage09/schedule.py

In the evening Uche demoed Freemix in the MarkLogic beer&demo jam.

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