This page is effectively brainstorming, for ideas for demo or application of Akara. For ideas for improving the base of the project itself, see feature requests in the Akara issue tracker.

Port some tedious XSLT, such as vdv's RELAX NG simplifier to the Python dispatcher.

A CMIS end-point, perhaps around Moin

A simple app to generate Sam Ruby's interactive SVG pie chart example

Tools from Utility Mill

Web service for the Porter Stemming algo (see also )

Wrappers for Sunlight Labs Projects

Fun with all those NYTimes open data projects:

Keep an eye on developments in DSpace:

Fronting the awful Web browse/search of the US National archives:

A mashup with OpenLibrary

Something with FriendFeed's SUP:

Implement a completer for "holey bags" and mention to Ed Summers (re: twitter/@edsu 'nice to hear about chronopolis/meta-archive use bagit ; more context about BagIt in @ashenfelder 's dlib article #pasig09'

Something with the World Bank API

Something with the guardian open platform

Something with LCSH download

Demo of using Amara to drive messaging over the wire over beanstalk?

Some basic XML corpus status a la SIMILE Gadget

Check support (in core+extensions) for Steve Ball's XSLT Standard Library

See also

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