Amara 2.0 is a toolkit for processing XML in Python, and is the the core XML processing library for Akara. It requires Python 2.5 or higher, but Python 3.0 is not yet supported.

Start with Amara/Tutorial. Those familiar with the older projects 4Suite and Amara 1.x can check out Amara/Whatsnew.

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Issue tracker

For 4Suite 1.x or Amara 1.x, please use the old Mailman lists


{i} General installation notes

{1} Installing on Windows

{2} Installing on Mac


Amara 2.0 is now in development.

There has been an alpha release, and beta is approaching rapidly.

For developers

See Akara/Dev

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Amara 2.0 pulls in the capabilities in 4Suite XML and Amara 1.0, but with major enhancements. Note: "4Suite" will live on in the 1.x branch, and current references to "4Suite" will be maintained, and just redirected to Akara where it makes sense.

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