Amara installers

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Installing from source

Amara has C extensions so you need a C compiler if you want to install from source. Pip only installs packages from source.

Microsoft Visual C++

  > python build
  > python install

  > python bdist_sininst # builds the windows installer 

MinGW Compiler


Download the code

Build and install

C:\Amara_Source> C:\Python27\python.exe build
C:\Amara_Source> C:\Python27\python.exe install

Install into virtualenv from compiled version

If you don't have a C++ compiler and want to install Amara into a virtualenv environment, use one of the Amara installers for windows (32 or 64 bits, depends of your python). You can install with easy_install inside the activated virtualenv:

> easy_install Amara-2.0.0a6.win32-py2.7.exe 

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