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This page just provides pointers to many examples of Amara usage on the Web, with some annotations. Please add any you find or post yourself. Don't forget the manual and Amara1/QuickRef.

General examples

Amara equivalents of Mike Kay's XSLT 2.0, XQuery examples [Copia]

Takes some query and output generation examples from a Mike Kay XQuery/XSLT 2.0 paper, converting them to Amara. It predates Amara 1.0, and many of the Amara snippets can be simplified with recent versions.

Simple Amara examples for namespace-aware parsing and document editing.

Several examples of domtools and bindery

A variety of typical database-style reads and updates


"a way to delete only an element with a certain attribute?"

Specific programs for a specific need

"I recently needed some code to quickly scrape the metadata from XHTML Web pages"

Query Yahoo weather for a specific zip code\Living with python\]

Using Amara to extract weather information for a specific zip code using the Yahoo Weather API

"Here's a quick example of accessing Amazon Web Services using Python."

Amara's role is simple parsing.

Creates a RSS Newspaper from digg only!

Amara's role is simple parsing/RSS scraping.

reading the weather data available in XML from the National Weather Service.

Amara's role is simple parsing.

Use Amara to parse OPML.

Adding feeds to Liferea on the command line

Use John Cowan's TagSoup to tidy HTML


Note: This is no longer necessary in Amara 2.x, as it integrates with html5lib to provide tag soup HTML parsing.

"Adding a user-agent string to emulate a Nokia 6230"

"Adding a user-agent string to emulate a Nokia 6230: Reads the content from a cached file"

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