Versa 2.0 Specification (Draft)

This is a top-level outline to serve as a placeholder for the Versa 2.0 specification. Much of the content here has been moved over from the old mailing list


Versa is a specialized language for addressing and querying nodes and arcs in a Resource Description Framework (RDF) model. It uses a simple and expressive syntax, designed to be incorporated into other expression systems, including XML, where, for instance, Versa can be used in extension functions or attributes of extension elements that provide RDF-related capabilities. Versa operates on the abstract graph model of RDF, and not any particular serialization.

Where used in this document, the keywords "SHOULD", "MUST", and "MUST NOT" are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119 [RFC2119]. However, for readability, these words do not appear in all uppercase letters in this specification.

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